Iggy Azalea Believed Florida Was The Key To Her Success

Iggy Azalea has the fine state of Florida to thank for her success.

Although the rapper’s name, face, and anatomy are currently well-known is many sections of the world, it wasn’t too long ago that Azalea was just an Australian high school drop-out with dreams of stardom. To make these plans come to fruition, Azalea packed her bags and moved to that magical portion of the US known as the Sunshine State.

According to the Daily Mail, Iggy Azalea’s rise to fame and fortune didn’t happen overnight. In fact, the rapper spent quite a bit of time cleaning houses before she recorded her first album The New Classic. She’s certainly a big name now, but Azalea clearly hasn’t forgotten where she was not too long ago.

“I had already been dropped out [of school] for about a year and I was working cleaning houses full-time… I felt like Florida was for me. I had heard about the craziness and I felt like that was the state I should go to. I felt like Florida was it,” she told Chelsea Handler.

Instead of simply dreaming of superstardom while cleaning up other people’s messes, Iggy Azalea decided to take action. The Examiner explains that the rapper saved up all her pennies and eventually set out for the United States.

“I think I most definitely was a wild child. I’ve always been pretty independent. I’d dropped out of high school a while before that, I wanted to have a career in rap. So why would I stay around and waste my days?” Azalea explained to the publication.

She continued, “I do have multiple lives. Every time someone thinks I’m going to die, or thinks I’m not going to make it? My friends always say ‘I don’t know how, but everything just seems to end up working out for you!'”

Azalea has made such an impact in music over the past few months that Forbes boldly declared that she is the current queen of hip-hop. However, fellow rapper Nicki Minaj doesn’t necessarily think that’s the case. In fact, Minaj firmly believes that she helped opened doors for people like Iggy to pursue careers in the game.

“Okaaaaaay, I’m reloaded! Listen, all Forbes needs to be worried about is my finances and when I’m going to be selling MYX Fusions for $250 million. That’s all they need to worry about. We rely on hip-hop connoisseurs and blogs for that kind of information, so we can appreciate that, but no thank you.”

Iggy Azalea fans can pick up a copy of her album The New Classic right now. If you like what you hear, then remember to blow a kiss in Florida’s general direction.

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