Demi Lovato’s Album ‘Demi’ Enjoys Significant Sales Bump

Demi Lovato is officially back on the Billboard albums chart.

In case you haven’t heard, the singer recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of her album Demi. To mark the occasion, Lovato and her record label issued a special digital edition of the record with a brand new track. They also offered the collection at a deep discount, which prompted many people to pick it up.

According to the folks at Billboard, the promotion helped Demi Lovato’s fourth studio album find its way back into the Hot 200. The record returned to the chart after experiencing a 695 percent increase in sales. As a result of this boost, Demi found its way to number 18. Not bad at all for an album that’s over a year old.

Hollywood Records offered the record for a meager $4.99, a price point that helped the label move an impressive 13,000 units in a single week. Idolator points out that the new version of Demi came packaged with a different version of “Really Don’t Care,” which may have convinced some fans to buy the album all over again.

If you’re worried that Demi Lovato will keep re-releasing her old music from now until the end of time, then you don’t need to worry too much about that issue. The “Neon Lights” singer recently told MTV News that she’s beginning to assemble some material for her next studio album.

Lovato told the outlet:

“The sound just evolves into everything that I’ve been and everything that I want to become. I’ve never been so sure of myself as an artist when it comes down to confidence, but not only personal things, but exactly what I want my sound to be and what I know I’m capable of and this album will give me the opportunity to show people what I can really do.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Demi is receiving a little help from acclaimed singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran on her next record. Although they haven’t started recording the track just yet, Sheeran revealed that things are slowly coming together behind-the-scenes.

“We’ve been emailing each other, so that’s a good step forward. I’ll be seeing [Demi Lovato] at the end of the month,” Ed told Hollywire during a recent interview.

Unfortunately for Demi Lovato fans who weren’t aware of the recent promotion, it would appear that her album is officially back at full price. However, chances are the singer won’t complain if you decide to shell out $10.99 for the songs.

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