Johnny Manziel Lawsuit: Strange Suit Claims Quarterback Harassed Woman With His ‘Small’ Penis

Johnny Manziel is facing a $25 million lawsuit that can only be described as bizarre.

The Texas A&M quarterback, who was just drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns, was hit with a lawsuit from Florida asking for $25 million in damages. The suit was seeking a restraining order against Manziel and claimed to be from someone by the name of Samantha Schacher.

In the suit, the woman claimed that Manziel sent graphic text messages of his penis, made strange propositions, and admitted to performance-enhancing drug use.

Though the allegations sound serious on their face, the text of the lawsuit grows increasingly strange and it is quickly apparent that it was not meant to be taken seriously.

For example, the suit claims: “On Christmas Eve, 2013, Johnny Manziel sent me a Instagram photo of himself naked to me Facebook with Manziel putting a hotdog bun between his penis, smiling, calling me ‘Ho, Ho, Ho…'” So, yeah.

Here are some other highlights, via Deadspin:

Manziel told me if I don’t want him because his penis is small, when he gets drafted by the NFL he will get a penis enlargement and he’ll be Long John Silvers.

Johnny Manziel refers to his penis as his Vienna Sausage and told me good things come from small packages.

Johnny Manziel said he Skyes [sic] with Judereon Clowney [sic] in South Carolina, and Clowney sent Manziel a Pic of is penis which was 9 inches, and Manziel showed it to me on Skype and asked me if I could handle that monster.

Manziel sent me a homemade video of himself at Walt Disney World on “It’s a Small World” ride in the Magic Kingdom, and while the song is on, he puts the camera down and unbuttons his pants, pulls his penis out and jingles his penis to the music.

But the truth behind the absurd Johnny Manziel lawsuit is now coming out. The lawsuit claimed to be from Samantha Schacher, who is listed as a CNN contributor, but it was revealed that it actually came from “serial filer” named Jonathan Lee Riches.

A full copy of the Johnny Manziel lawsuit and all its bizarre details can be found here.

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