X-Men Movie Star Hugh Jackman Calls Out WWE Superstar John Cena [VIDEO]

Poor “Super-Cena”! It seems the WWE superstar can’t seem to get a break these days. First, he has to deal with other WWE superstars in the Wyatt Family – who are successfully ripping away his WWE fan base to join the man who “has the whole world in his hands.” Second, Cena works for the WWE, which is not bad on its own if it weren’t for all the troubles WWE is having. I am surprised Mr. McMahon hasn’t blown a gasket over the fact that his net worth is now in the mundane millionaire bracket. Third, Cena will have to deal with the fact his girlfriend, Nikki Bella, was previously married, which by the reactions Nikki’s family shone, is a very bad thing.

It can’t get worse for John Cena… or could it? Apparently it can! Hugh Jackman a.k.a. The Flying Aussie wants to kick Cena’s butt. Taking into account Hugh Jackman’s alter-egos are Van Helsing and Wolverine, the Cenation Leader of “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” doesn’t stand a chance! I guess this is the end for the most polarizing WWE superstar in history!

All joking aside, Hugh Jackman actually called out John Cena on ESPN. The star of X-Men: Days of Future Past did a hilarious shoot-take, which was very WWE-ish, on SportsCenter. Jackman declared his intent to fly out of the night and ruin Cena’s entire day, or life actually. Some of the lines Hugh Jackman used were very entertaining too, kind of like Santino Marella entertaining but without the annoyance of a rehashed joke.

On the business side of this shoot, as reported by the Bleacher Report, Hugh Jackman is actually a very avid WWE fan, and has made multiple appearances on WWE. At one time he knocked out WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler. Recently Hugh Jackman beat up Damian “Magneto” Sandow on WWE Monday Night Raw without the use of his Wolverine powers.

As for a possible John Cena versus Hugh Jackman match in the WWE, neither Cena or the WWE have responded. I am sure that we all would love to see this. So WWE, get Hugh Jackman signed in before more of the WWE stock plummets.

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