Does Zac Efron Want A Role In ‘Magic Mike 2’?

Does Zac Efron want to try his hand at stripping in Magic Mike 2?

Although the Neighbors star was recently accused of making very strange career choices in recent years, this apparently isn’t stopping the guy from trying new things. In addition to tackling a role in an upcoming adaptation of John Grisham’s The Associate, Efron is reportedly in talks for a role in an upcoming Marvel movie.

According to the International Business Times, Zac Efron recently discussed the possibility of joining the cast of the upcoming sequel Magic Mike XXL. Since the guy recently took home an MTV Movie Award for Best Shirtless Performance, chances Efron has the sort of body required for the role.

“We haven’t really talked about… it’s really funny. No, we haven’t talked about it, but I mean, I love Channing, and I think ‘Magic Mike’ was an awesome movie so I mean, who knows? But we haven’t talked about it, don’t start any crazy rumors. People are going to start saying I’m in it. We haven’t talked about it or anything so I don’t know,” Zac explained during a chat with Magic FM 105.4.

He also told KIIS FM, “It was really well done, it was cool, it was an interesting story. I honestly haven’t talked to anybody about it yet, but I don’t know, it’s a great group of people. I would definitely be interested.”

While they’re waiting to see if Zac Efron takes (almost) all of it off for the Magic Mike sequel, fans can obsess over the idea of the High School Musical alum possibly signing on for an unspecified Marvel movie.

Here’s what Latino Review had to say about the rumor:

“He was given a script for the project just recently and currently no one knows which part is actually in play. The only one that knows that answer is his manager and he will not comment on it. Could Efron be the flagship casting for Marvel’s move into a massive four-series Netflix push as Daredevil?”

Although we don’t know anything for certain about the Marvel movie or Magic Mike 2, we do know that Efron recently sought some advice from Hollywood vet Tom Cruise. However, Zac wasn’t willing to share any specifics about their chat.

“I won’t talk specifically about those conversations but I think they were pretty candid and common sense driven. You have to be aware—and I am—of who you are and what you bring to the table and even more importantly how you are perceived,” the actor said.

Do you think Zac Efron should sign on for Magic Mike 2?

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