Morgan Freeman Acts Very Strangely With Helium Balloon [VIDEO]

He’s played a president, guided us through Andy Dufresne’s life, and helped Christian Bale’s Batman conquer anything with Wayne Enterprises’ R&D, but Morgan Freeman has never come to us with a deeply narrated science lesson after sucking on some helium, until now.

The actor, who currently hosts Discovery Channel’s mini series Through the Wormhole, starts off his introduction for the topic of gravity in the dark, a single light casting a little shimmer of light on him with his face completely hidden. You then see and hear Freeman do what is clearly sucking some air, or in this case helium, from a balloon. What happens next is, well, just as hilarious as you might expect.

Freeman walks into the light, talking about how in unusual situations, “You don’t always get what you expect.”

As Mr. Freeman walks into the light, he continues, his voice slowly coming back to normal, but finds his tongue tied around a word. “But sometimes, unusual situations lead to new insights. To find the truth about gravity, physicists are studying it in a place where they expect it to…” and Freeman takes another shot of helium before finishing off with barely concealed laughter. “Act very strangely.”

Last year, Morgan Freeman had fans rolling with laughter when he was caught falling asleep during an interview he was doing with co-star Michael Caine for his film Now You See Me. According to the Wall Street Journal, Freeman had a different explanation. “I wasn’t actually sleeping. I’m a beta tester for Google Eyelids. I was merely taking the opportunity to update my Facebook page.”

Freeman recently starred in The LEGO Movie, lending his voice to Vitruvius.

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