Must Watch! 17-Year-Old’s Michael Jackson Moonwalk Video That Went Viral

Five years after the pop king Michael Jackson’s death, his legacy shows no signs of dying down. Earlier this week, while the media was talking about Jackson’s posthumous album “Xscape,” which managed to reach the No. 2 debut position on the Billboard 200 chart, a 17-year-old teenager was preparing to do something awesome – Michael Jackson related, of course.

Meet Brett Nichols, a junior student at the Pitman High School in Turlock, California. Nichols is the star of a now viral video in which he is seen performing to Michael Jackson’s popular tune Billie Jean. He was performing at a talent show organized at his school. Little did he realize that his talent would go on to be known by people across the globe. The video of Brett performing and mimicking Michael Jackson’s traditional moves is nearing 8 million views at the time of writing this article. In the video, Brett’s performance starts around the 1:12 mark and continues till the end. There is no doubt about the fact that his performance stole the show at the event and eventually won him the first prize. The best part of the video is when he replicates Michael Jackson’s trademark Moonwalk – almost to perfection – and that’s when the crowd at the school arena starts cheering him.

Later, in an interview to News10, Brett said that he had been watching Michael Jackson videos since he was 10 and he started replicating him, “This is something that really inspires me, and then it was later I thought, ‘Why isn’t this something I can’t do?”

He went on to add;

“I guess people still miss him, it’s been five years since his death. The younger generation appreciates the work, and not only does someone care, but someone cared to put in the time.”

Being the perfectionist he is, Brett still says he is a far cry from being perfect and says there are moves that he is yet to master. Since age is still on his side, we can be rest assured that we would be seeing some awesome performances by this talented teen in the years to come.

What do you think of Brett’s Michael Jackson performance?

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