Are Maks And Meryl Dating? Val Chmerkovskiy Talks About Brother’s ‘DWTS’ Romance

Maks and Meryl might have won Dancing with the Stars, but did they win in the romance department as well? There has been tons of speculation surrounding the possible relationship between Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis and, in a new interview with Us Weekly, Maks’ brother, Val, tried to clear things up — or did he just make things worse?

“One makeout session in the middle of the dance or to label it that they are a couple—it sounds great, but that’s not what it is. He loves her probably more than I’ve seen him love another woman—he loves and adores her—but it’s like a King Kong type of relationship.”

It’s clear that Maks and Meryl got very close over the course of the last Dancing with the Stars season and many feel that Meryl helped bring Maks out of his (extremely hard) shell. But are the two in love? According to Val, his brother loves Meryl very much — but their relationship transcends any pesky internet rumors. It is something much deeper than what the public can understand.

“She’s precious, and he’s gentle with her because he wants to see her shine and he won’t want to hurt her. He’s willing to calm down for her because she’s the last person he wants to see cry and the last person he wants to hurt. He definitely loves her, and I know she loves him back.”

Maks and Meryl had a very real, very true relationship that you could just see on the dance floor. While everyone wants them to be in love (and make “big, ice-dancing babies”), they are going through something on their own that they need to figure out. Sometimes it’s not as simple as, “yes, we love each other and we’re getting married.” Now that the cameras aren’t around to capture their passion every week, they can decide if they want to continue their relationship on a “just friends” level or kick things up a notch.

“We love Meryl, but I don’t know if they were meant for each other or just meant to be in each other’s lives for this moment or for many moments, definitely, as it’s a friendship they’ll keep for a very long time.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Maks and Meryl had a perfect score at the end of the season which left them with a lot to celebrate. Not only did they win the Mirror Ball Trophy, but Meryl became a ballroom dancer — and she gained a friend (if not more) for life in Maks.

Do you think that Maks and Meryl are dating? Do you think that their PDA on the show signified that their relationship has moved past the friend zone (via Hollywood Life).

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