Netflix Knew Customers Would Hate New Plans, Hired Extra Customer Service Reps

Yesterday I reported that Netflix was splitting their DVD-by-mail and streaming services into separate subscription plans and that they would cost more when combined together than current dual plans, now we’ve learned that the company knew customers would hate the plans and therefore hired extra customer service representatives to answer angry phone calls.

Speaking with CNET a Netflix spokesman said:

“We tested, we researched, we analyzed. We knew what the reaction was going to be,” and “We are not surprised.”

However it appears that they didn’t know exactly how bad the reaction would be with phone lines still clogged all day with representatives taking nine to 15 minutes to answer calls.

Netflix’s solution to customers? “Just cancel in September” which seems a bit counter-productive.

In the meantime customers will now have to pay $7.99 for a single DVD at a time, $11.99 for two DVDs out at once and an additional $7.99 for streaming service making the one DVD at a time plan with streaming service more expensive than two DVDs at a time with the service that is presently available to any Netflix customers who had already signed up for it.

On a positive note, Netflix has renewed their contract with NBC Universal which means they retain the right to stream new NBC shows, but let’s be honest if you’re going to stream just for that reason you should just pay Hulu Plus $7.99 a month for their premium service and you’ll receive a lot more worthwhile programming than you’ll find on the Netflix system which is populated with a ton of old titles and videos you can already watch oftentimes on Starz and Showtime on Demand stations.

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