In This Remote Lake, You’ll See One Of The Strangest, Most Beautiful Sights On Earth

Nana Trongratanawong is a photographer who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Her passion (and her career) is capturing exotic and breathtaking images from the remote corners of the world. But when she recently took her GoPro camera on a snorkeling dive beneath the waters of one of the world’s most remote lakes, she recorded one of the world’s most bizarre and beautiful sights.

This lake is located on the island of Eil Malk in the Republic of Palau, an archipelago country in the Pacific Ocean not far from the Philippines to the west and Indonesia to the south.

The tiny population of Palau — a mere 21,000 people — lives on 250 separate islands, so much of the country’s natural environment remains pristine. The island where this lake is located is barely populated by human beings.

So, why did Nana choose this lake, tucked away in a tropical forest, deep within the island nation? The name of the lake says it all: Jellyfish Lake.

Connected to the ocean through a series of cracks in the island’s limestone rock, the lake is populated by jellyfish. And not just any kind of jellyfish; the lake is home to millions of Golden Jellyfish. These surreal creatures have stingers, like all jellyfish, but they’re weak ones. They can’t harm a human being.

This amazing, high quality video of Nana swimming among the golden jellyfish is both breathtaking and a little bit trippy. The best CGI studio on Hollywood couldn’t come up with a sight this amazing and mind-boggling.

While snorkeling is allowed in Jellyfish lake, scuba diving is prohibited because the bubbles from pressurized air tanks can kill the golden jellyfish.

Just give yourself over to this gorgeous video of Jellyfish Lake. You’ll barely believe your eyes.

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