Selena Gomez Flees US For ‘Mental Peace’ After Media Obsess Over Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez is seeking “mental peace” and has gone all the way to Nepal to find it. The Disney alum is detoxing from US gossip reports obsessing over her relationship with Justin Bieber, amid ongoing rumors about her rehab stint and health.

Selena Gomez has reportedly had it with US gossip media obsessively reporting the recent implosion of her relationship with former beau Justin Bieber, and has gone to Nepal, South Asia, in search of “mental peace.”

Currently in Nepal — as a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador and on a soul-replenishing trip — Selena reportedly told local, famed journalist Bisnu Sharma, her reasons for making the exotic journey.

“I am in Nepal to escape from the American media. I wanted mental peace,” Gomez said.

Selena’s exodus follows her recent Instagram posted from Nepal, in which the bikini-clad star declared,”Taking my power back. can’t wait to show you where I’ve been (sic).”

Since then, Gomez has posted inspirational quotes from The Dalai Lama and Oprah Winfrey from Nepal, while Bieber partied in Cannes to Monaco and allegedly reconnected intimately with model, Barbara Palvin at a yacht party last week.

Hollywood Life is reporting Selena recently took the unprecedented step of replying to a fan who messaged Gomez at her Instagram page, writing:

“Ooooo you better get her back boy,” the fan reportedly wrote in reference to Bieber.

Selena allegedly responded, writing, “Awww. You think I care. No. He’d rather models.”

Gomez’s Nepal escape follows the abrupt end of her resumed relationship with Bieber, amid rumors of Justin allegedly flirting with Kylie Jenner when the group – which included Kendall Jenner and Gomez – hung out during the first weekend of the Coachella Festival.

That ill-fated weekend triggered Selena’s shocking Instagam purge, her unfollowing of Justin and the Jenners and a flood of cryptic posts.

The episode has never been satisfactorily explained. And now that Kylie appears to be back with Jaden Smith and Justin was later spotted out with Miami student/fitness model Yovanna Ventura, the original Justin-Kylie rumor rings even hollower.

But, whatever the truth is between Bieber and Gomez, it’s no-one’s business but theirs.

Privacy invading speculation over Gomez’s rehab stay in January, then saturation reporting of every move she and Bieber made when they got together in March in Texas to the end of things in April can’t have helped.

So what broke the camel’s back and sent Selena running for the Himalayas hills mountains?

Perhaps InTouch Weekly’s widely denounced “report” on Gomez’s fictional pregnancy then miscarriage of Justin’s baby was the last straw for the 21-year-old? Or maybe it was Radar Online’s graphic text story in January that was slammed as fake by TMZ before publication, then denied as such by both Bieber and Gomez’s reps?

Or perhaps Selena is just over the endless, dubious “source” reports repeatedly alleging she is headed for intervention or going “on tour” with Justin, is a “drunk,” and hell bent on selling her parents’ home from under them. Earlier this year it was claimed Gomez wasn’t talking to Bieber just before the pair turned up together in Texas.

The gossip press also mistakenly killed off Gomez’s relationship with Taylor Swift. Radar ran quotes stating Selena was “so bored” of Swift.

A video of the two dancing at the recent MET ball in NYC lanced that boil.

In addition, Page Six, Hollywood Life, TMZ among others, recently insinuated Selena was “involved” with Orlando Bloom based on nothing more than pictures of the pair at a Chelsea Handler show. The rumor was denied. Later reports of Bloom and his new gal pal revealed it was nonsense to begin with.

This is the state of US gossip media and it isn’t any better in the UK.

Everyone else mirrors it. The result — and, of course, this doesn’t just apply to Bieber and Gomez — is layers upon layers of fiction, that’s never updated, retracted or addressed even when it’s exposed as false.

In many cases, factual basis for many gossip stories is often so exaggerated it bears little resemblance to the real story.

(Photo: Gomez dancing in Nepal.)

So, Gomez has had enough. Who can blame her? And if she can’t take the heat after just a brief taste of the media inferno that rages around Bieber, how does he deal with it?

Case in point: Mail Online’s noise about Bieber supposedly “grabbing Heidi Klum’s breast” at the recent amfAR Gala?

Klum has denied it. Completely.

Perhaps Bieber should take a cue from Gomez and leave the goldfish bowl for some “mental peace” too?

(Photo: Gomez dancing in Nepal, South Asia.)

[Images via Instagram.]

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