‘Godzilla 2’ Rumors: Easter Eggs Hint At Next Monster, But Which One Is It? [Spoilers]

Godzilla 2 rumors are already flying and the first movie hasn’t even been in theaters for a week. With the movie being a general critical success, a sequel has already been announced. Considering the source material, that’s to be expected.

The original Godzilla series had the monster stomping Tokyo before taking on a barrage of other monsters such as Mothra and Mecha-Godzilla. Knowing this, the introduction of some old favorites is probably imminent.

There was a probable mention of Bryan Cranston‘s roles from his TV shows such as Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle. When his name appears on screen, there is the mention of a Walter Malcolm involved in some dirty secrets. This could be an amalgamation of Walter White and the title of his TV sitcom. This might mean that Cranston’s Joe Brody (under an alias) may have been involved in covering up the existence of other monsters, indicating there are other monsters on the way and leading to various Godzilla 2 rumors.

There was also a blurb that may have been worth a chuckle to fans of the original series, when someone stated, “Are these animals real? Can we prove they even exist or are they merely men in rubber suits …?” This is a reference to the way the King of the Monsters was actually done in the classic Godzilla films.

One of the Godzilla 2 rumors that most moviegoers spotted was in a scene where Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Joe Brody return to a quarantined home. A broken aquarium in the foreground has the word “mothra” on the label. Could the next monster in the series be Mothra, an escaped experiment from the aquarium we spotted?

Another possibility comes from the name of the ship piloted by Admiral William Stenz (David Strathairn), the U.S.S. Saratoga. That was the name of a battleship the US used in the 40s to determine the effects of nuclear bombs on naval vessels. This could mean that there is another seaborne monster possibly hibernating on the ship and it will escape in an upcoming sequel. It is actually a historical reference to how the US was connected with the birth of Godzilla.

There is even a conspiracy theory that connects Godzilla to the end of The Dark Knight Rises. When Batman flies a nuclear weapon out to sea, the explosion could be said to have caused the birth of Godzilla. Aside from both films sharing a writer (David Goyer was eyed for the first draft), the two films are otherwise unrelated.

What other Easter Eggs did you notice that might point to more Godzilla 2 rumors?

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