Austin Mahone Teams Up With Funny Or Die [Video]

Austin Mahone recently teamed up with Funny or Die to have a bit of fun at his own expense.

When you’re in the business of cranking out pop music for the masses, it always helps to have a sense of humor about yourself. If you can’t take a moment to acknowledge the inherent ridiculousness of the situation, then you probably won’t last too long. Regardless of what people might think, maintaining this kind of career takes plenty of hard work and dedication.

Since he has a new batch of songs to promote, Austin Mahone recently appeared in a Funny or Die skit centered around his fictional quest for a new manager. Instead of finding someone to steer him in the right direction, Mahone ends up enlisting the services of a very hardcore Mahomie.

“We’re not Beliebers. We’re not Katycats. We’re not Little Monsters. We are Mahomies!” actor Paul Scheer says at one point in the clip. The new managers also prove their dedication by admitting they once set a group of One Direction fans on fire. Yikes.

Check out Austin Mahone’s acting skills below. Although you don’t need to know who the guy is to enjoy the video, it certainly helps. Warning: There’s some naughty language in this skit, so take notice of who’s around when before watching.

This certainly isn’t the first time Austin has tried his hand at acting. In addition to a brief appearance on Big Time Rush, Mahone popped up in a recent episode of the CBS sitcom The Millers. The Inquisitr previously reported that he’d also like to blow stuff up in a big-budget Hollywood action flick at some point down the road.

Mahone is doing whatever he can to spread the word about The Secret. Austin’s album is presently scheduled for release on May 27, a date that his Mahomies probably have circled numerous times on their Austin Mahone 2014 Premium Wall Calendar. According to the singer, fans may need new socks and clean underwear when they finally get their hands on the tunes.

“I’ve been working on this for about two years now, so I’m excited to finally release this to my fans and the world. I know they’re all going to enjoy it,” Mahone recently told CBS News.

He added, “The sound is similar to one of my singles called ‘What About Love.’ There’s one song on there that I wrote and produced myself — ‘All I Ever Need.’ I wrote it in the bathroom.”

What do you think about Austin Mahone’s Funny or Die video? Does the guy have a future in acting?

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