Has Harry Styles Been Bitten By the Fat Bug?

Topless pictures of Harry Styles which recently surfaced on the web have reportedly upset the One Direction singer, not because they were leaked, but because our Harry believes they make him look a little on the lardy side.

We know! Harry Styles and weight problem are not words you’d expect to see in the same sentence, but sadly in this vain, shallow, and cravenly materialistic world in which we live, no-one it appears is immune from body fascism, not even hugely popular boy-band pin-ups such as Harry Styles.

Like Harry Styles, most One Directioners will be aware of the cruel fat taunts that Liam Payne was subject to earlier this year.

Cynics even suggested that the slightly portly Payne had taken up smoking because he feared becoming just another victim of the obesity epidemic which stalks the Western world like a giant artery hardening beef-burger.

Yet who would have thought that Harry Styles would ever become concerned that he might just be next in line to claim the crown of King Tubby in the eyes of the ever watchful media?

Styles may have more tattoos than you can shake a stick at, but it’s the quivering flesh which lies beneath which is so concerning Harry.

A source told Star magazine: “Harry wasn’t that happy about recent pictures of his body. He thinks he’s lost some definition and wants to hit the gym and get buff again. It’s difficult to eat properly when the boys are on tour, but Harry’s asked for green tea and sushi to be added to the daily menus. Harry’s also been careful to continue with the diet while the band take a couple of weeks off.”

Fair-play to Styles, what other 20-year-old, whilst touring the world and singing to screaming mad fans every night would be so clean living and body conscious as to insist on green tea and sushi?

It sounds like something a reformed rocker of pensionable age with a liver severely damaged by long-term alcohol and drug abuse might insist upon, but for a 20-year-old like Harry Styles who is just starting out, what gives?

Body fascism that’s what. Harry’s an artist not an athlete. So what if Styles is partial to a bumper bag of doughnuts and a king-size bottle of pop after the show? Everyone’s got to unwind, right?

The man Harry is hardly fat, but in a society dictated to by the covers of glossy magazines, it appears Harry Styles has definitely been bitten by the neurotic fat bug. So watch out all you One Directioners, Harry’s condition is deeply contagious don’t you know.

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