Lasagna Was Everywhere In Most Delicious Crash Ever

OMG, if you’ve been having food fantasies of a lasagna apocalypse since you were a little girl, this news story is totally the realization of that dream — and really, who hasn’t hoped one day a lasagna truck would crash outside their house, with no injuries but all the lasagna?

The lasagne crash — which we learned of via Deadspin — thankfully didn’t cause any injuries. However, the cleanup was lengthy, intensive, and created a huge mess for residents of Gaffney, South Carolina.

The local Gaffney Ledger reported the lasagna accident, but it’s subscriber-only content. Thankfully, other sources have given us a picture of the scene on the ground in Gaffney, one we hope was piping-hot and doused in melted mozzarella. Was there ricotta?

Per Deadspin, the lasagna truck got stuck on train tracks before the crash — and the drivers tried to move it to no avail.

“Two people, a head driver and co-driver were in the cab at the time, according to Gaffney Police Chief Rick Turner, and the co-driver reportedly was behind the wheel at the time. When the truck got stuck, the head driver took control and tried to drive the truck off the tracks.”

As it turns out, the lasagna was totally frozen and not at all melty and delicious — the report continues:

“The train, which was traveling at approximately 32 mph, sliced through the trailer, carrying a portion of it with it as it continued down the tracks. Cartons and boxes of frozen food spilled all over the tracks… When the train came to a stop, its cars ended up blocking most railroad crossings in the downtown area with the exception of the T-Bridge, 3rd St. and Corry Street.”

Okay, expectations not exceeded.

However, we do have this quotable from Gaffney Police Chief Rick Turner, who describes the lasagna aftermath when all was said and done:

“There was an inch of lasagna ground into the pavement… [firefighters on the scene] came down with the truck to hose off the road but the water was beading up. They eventually used big buckets of detergent and brooms to scrub the roadway.”

No forks or parmesan? Still, Gaffney Fire Chief Jamie Caggiano says the outcome could have been worse:

“This was a mess. We worked together to get the train moving as quickly as we could.”

Also, we imagine the lasagna that spilled everywhere was not nearly as good as his nonna’s recipe.


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