Was A UFO Spotted Over Hawaii? Mysterious Lights Baffle Residents

Residents in West Oahu, Hawaii are abuzz with the sighting of mysterious swirling lights spotted in the skies just after sunset on May 20th, leaving some to speculate whether it was a UFO.

Multiple photos were submitted to various local news stations, who then submitted inquiries to possible likely parties responsible. A U.S. Navy spokesperson told Hawaii News Now that he was unaware of any military operation that could coincide with the lights.

The Honolulu Police Department was also questioned about the lights, but they did not believe it was the result of any military operation going on in Hawaii.

“The first thing that came out of my mind was UFO,” said Bryan Cuelho of Wahiawa, Hawaii. “It was just a zigzag…almost looked like letting air out of a balloon.”

When Hawaii News Now inquired with the U.S. Coast Guard in Hawaii, they guessed based upon descriptions that it could be a meteor, but with the swirling patterns, that seems unlikely.

Several commentors on the Hawaii News Now Facebook page pointed out that last week the station had previously reported on a missile test that would be conducted on the island of Kauai. However, the location of the missile test is located on the shore opposite the one that faces the island of Oahu.

Another local Hawaii news station, KITV, contacted the United States Pacific Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command, but neither had knowledge of what caused the lights.

“There was nothing unusual going on from our perspective at the time,” said Maj. Julie Roberge of the NORAD.

“I actually thought it might be a plane falling, dropping. And so I pulled over and was looking carefully….I looked at it about probably 10 minutes,” said Hawaii resident Irma Jimenez. “I could see it was high up in the sky. It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen.”

No FAA jets have been reported missing and Hawaii fire officials on Oahu say that no rescue operations have been launched in connection with the lights. The lights were reportedly seen from both Maui and the Big Island, which lie to the south of Oahu. Hawaii’s “UFO” was in the sky for approximately 10 minutes.

“Really bright steam between Molokai and Lanai. So we just kind of watched it. I’m not trying to say it was like a missle or anything but it looked like it had kind of like a rocket basically,” Maui resident Ravin Ah Puck told KHON.

What do you think the lights were? Was it a UFO?

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