Saggy Pants Case Closed, Charges Dropped

Saggy pants wearers, you may rest knowing the sagginess of your pants is not a crime in the United States of America, be they saggy in the airport, or a plane, or perhaps any other location.

Charges against Deshon Marman, a college football player from San Francisco, have been dropped. Marman was initially accused of resisting arrest after a June 15th incident aboard a US Airways flight- an incident that stemmed from the bagginess of Marman’s pants.

The 20-year-old was arrested and charged with trespassing, resisting arrest and suspicion of battery on a police officer at San Francisco International Airport following a flight attendant’s request the young man- who has a full scholarship, football and academic, at the University of New Mexico- pull up the pajama pants he was wearing. Marman told crew members he would adjust the saggy pants as soon as he got to his seat, as his hands were full.

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said Wednesday that prosecutors “do not believe that criminal charges are warranted in light of all of the circumstances surrounding the incident.” The decision followed a protest at City Hall Wednesday in which 200 people gathered to demand charges against Marman be dropped.

Protesters complained Marman was targeted because he is young and black. One dramatically stated:

“You say you want the pants pulled up,” the Rev. Amos Brown said from the podium. “We say, pull up justice in America.”

A spokesman for US Airways said the airline is “in open communication” with Brown and the NAACP over the incident, but did not provide further details. The company also said it was trying to help Marman keep his scholarship.

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