‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The Latest!

Grey’s Anatomy closed out their tenth season with Cristina saying goodbye to the show, Meredith finally standing her ground, and bombshells galore!

We all knew it was coming, and most suspected that Cristina would be leaving Grey’s Anatomy to take over Dr. Burke’s hospital in Zurich. This is exactly what happened — however, before leaving for Zurich, Cristina sets out to stop by the mall to pick up some things. On her last day at Grey Sloan, a bomb explodes at the very mall that Cristina had intended to visit. Many casualties, rumors of terrorism, Owen holds a press conference from Grey Sloan. Instead of going to the mall, Cristina heads to the hospital to perform her scheduled heart transplant.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith insists that another doctor take care of Cristina’s heart transplant and maneuvers Cristina into a waiting cab to take her to the airport. She knew that if Cristina didn’t leave, she could miss out on the Zurich opportunity.

Catherine Avery stays at the hospital to help blast victims, Richard would have it another way. April nearly breaks down about raising a child in this cruel, cruel world. Catherine consoles her and the two finally reconcile. News breaks that the explosion is not a terrorist attack, but instead a gas main explosion.

After Cristina and Meredith have a proper goodbye, Meredith decides to stay in Seattle while Derek is offered a job in Washington, D.C. for the President of the United States. Meredith finally dishes Derek the hard truth! That he always thought his career was more important than hers, and she finally stands up to him.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s tenth season closes with both Bailey and Alex recommended for the board at Grey Sloan. This is the set up for season 11.

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes has had her contract extended with ABC for four more years. In addition to Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes has created shows Private Practice and the hottest show currently on television, Scandal.

In other Grey’s Anatomy news, McDreamy, known in real life as Patrick Dempsey, puts his money and fame behind up and coming startup business CrowdMed. The Grey’s Anatomy star enjoys entrepreneurship, having invested in Tully’s Coffee, saving the company from bankruptcy, and investing in a race car team.

CrowdMed is an online diagnosis tool for patients with complex medical issues. So, whichever ailments McDreamy cannot solve on Grey’s Anatomy certainly has a better shot on CrowdMed.

Season 11 will find Grey’s Anatomy at a new time slot, 8 p.m., giving way to Scandal at 9 pm on Thursdays. No matter what time the show is on, fans will always find Grey’s Anatomy.

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