Is This How You Want A High School Coach Talking To Your Kids? Listen To This Epic Locker-Room Tirade

There are tough coaches and there are easy coaches — and then there is La Mirada High School baseball coach Thomas Kim Brooks, who defies description. Angry coach? Potty-mouth coach? Whatever kind of coach he is, Kim Brooks was suspended by the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District in Southern California after an epic, profanity-filled blast of verbal abuse directed at his players after they lost a game to local rival Los Osos on April 26.

The R-rated rant went on to 17 minutes. You can hear a short excerpt — but long enough to get the idea — below. The profanity has been bleeped, but again, the point is pretty clear.

“My language was inappropriate,” Brooks said Tuesday when contacted by the Whittier Daily News. “I was trying to motivate my team after a very poor performance, and I apologize about the language.”

But one couldn’t help but wonder how “motivational” Brooks could have been as he repeatedly screams “F*** You!” at his teen players — or when he makes the 8-4 defeat all about himself.

“I am not what we did today,” the coach hollers. “This is not me! And you represent me!”

“The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District has received a copy of a recording of high school teacher and Athletic Director Thomas Brooks,” read a statement from school officials on Tuesday. “The District appreciates the serious nature of the content of the recording, and as such is conducting a full investigation into the matter. Pending completion of the investigation, Mr. Brooks will remain on paid administrative leave in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation process.”

The recording, whose source has not been made clear, begins with Brooks speaking in even-handed tones, but he quickly escalates into hysteria.

“I’ve been here a long time, and I will tell you,” he begins, “that was probably the most pathetic F****** BASEBALL GAME I’VE EVER SEEN A GROUP PLAY!”

The over-the-top tirade continues in largely the same vein from there.

“You were piss f****** poor today,” Brooks screams. “If you go up to that f****** plate and do your f****** thing, f*** you, I’ll pull your f****** ass out, there’s no room to f*** around!”

“We all have weaknesses, we all make mistakes,” said one parent. “But that is definitely not the way I would have approached it.”

Brooks’ eye-bulging outrage would be a bit much in any circumstances, but his team has shown very respectable results this year. Despite the loss to Los Oros, the La Mirada baseball team won 20 games and lost just 10 in the regular season this year.

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