This Debit Card Fail May Be The Dumbest Thing Ever Done On The Internet

The debit card fail you are about to see was originally posted by Twitter user bae. (Her handle isn’t repeatable in polite company.)

Before we get down into the heart of this Twitter exchange and let you see just how bad it gets, we first want to give credit where it’s due. This probably wouldn’t have broken out and gone viral if not for the efforts of everyone’s favorite website devoted to Fail — we’re talking about the FAILBlog.

Then again, this is so monumentally facepalm-y, it would have probably found its way to social media feeds everywhere regardless.

Here’s the rub:

The Twitter user made a post from her mobile phone at an undisclosed time, stating: “Finally got my debit card! Love the blue [referring to the color of the card].”

She accompanied that post with a screenshot of the card with what is presumably her name, which we have removed because, God help her, life is probably hard enough right about now.

Also clearly visible is the full 16-digit code on the card itself along with the expiration date. The only thing missing: her code on the back of the card.

But not to worry!

“Alyssa” followed the post a bit later with this glorious rebuttal to repeated Twitterer inquiries into that all-important three-digit CVS code [Card Verification Scheme, for those of you who’d like to know]:

“the back code of my card is 388 why is everyone asking? smh”

No, Alyssa, we’re smh-ing, because you just gave the entire Internet permission to make online purchases with YOUR debit card until they empty out YOUR bank account.

But wait, there’s more!

Once the post went viral, she thought she would save a little face by reposting the original pic as if it was someone else who made the mistake.

“This… dumb af for posting her debit card”

Only problem: her re-share of the original post shows in plain terms that she is the person she’s describing.

Twitter users called her out on it.

@imileystan tweeted “you is the dumb [expletive]”

@JaxBestford tweeted “but you posted it”

And last but not least, @gage_torres: “go die” (Come on, internet, be nice.)

Let’s try to remember that this person probably isn’t well into their adult years, and has limited experience with privacy and security online. Keep that in mind if you plan on berating her, people.

And after bringing you the full skinny on this little debit card fail, we will now be heading out for some online shopping.

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