Amazon Planning iPad Rival For Fall Release

Hoping to capitalize on the tablet market made popular by the Apple iPad series of devices Amazon is rumored to be prepping an iPad competitor for a fall release. According to reports the device will feature a 9-inch display but will lack a camera like the one found on the iPad 2.

The company is also ramping up for two Kindle updates including a touchscreen device and a cheaper version of the current model with several improvements.

Gizmodoreacted to the new by saying that the 9-inch display “says a lot” about Amazon’s intentions to actually compete with Apple and that “It’s not looking to simply be a better Nook Color, but a real tablet fighting the iPad and every other major slate thing out there.”

Amazon has not yet commented or even confirmed tablet plans, however with their ability to deliver eBooks with ease and the ability to piggyback off the Google Android OS it could be the exact type of device Apple opponents have been waiting to see.

Would you buy a Google Android based Amazon Tablet in place of an iPad or iPad 2? Throw in a camera and I might be sold if the devices other specs are up to par.

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