Marilyn Manson Mourns The Death Of His Mother

Rocker Marilyn Manson has been known as a dark spirit for most of his career, but right now, Manson is dealing with a large blow as he mourns the death of his mother.

According to ABC News, Barbara J. Warner, the mother of Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, has died at the age of 68 after a long battle with dementia. Manson, who has always been an outspoken person whether it’s in the media or in his writings, used Facebook as an outlet to mourn for his mother.

So far, fans of the rocker have liked the post in tribute to his late mother 100,000 times.

In the post, Marilyn Manson writes:

“Mother, to the first and greatest believer in me.. I hope I see you again someday. But not now, because I have more things I promised I would do. I’ll make you proud and satisfied that you know that you made the son you wanted. I love you.”

This isn’t the only time Manson has spoken about his mother. During a June 2013 interview, Marilyn expressed being distraught about his mother’s illness and how it has wrecked his confidence as a performer. It’s suspected that the absence of her mental state really took a toll on Manson, which led to a few troubled relationships.

“I think I took a blow. A hit with what was going on in my life. I didn’t really understand how to deal with it. I had a lot of stuff with my mother getting mentally ill and involving myself with girls that probably are in kind of an insane place.”

Prior to his interview, Marilyn Manson’s ex-wife Dita Von Teese attributed Manson’s mother as the downfall of their marriage.

In the past, Marilyn Manson’s relationship with his mother was described as contentious. In 2007, Manson told The Guardian that he had some insights about his mother’s illness and that she’s “not just crazy, as I thought she was as a youngster, but is actually mentally ill in a way that’s been a big burden on my mind; and also in a way that is hereditary.”

In his 2000 memoir, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, he wrote about choking his mother when he suspected her of being unfaithful to his father.

Fortunately, with his mother’s serious illness, it seems as though Manson put some of his issues with her to rest.

According to an obituary for Manson’s mother, services were held privately at The Lamiell Funeral Home.

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