Justin Bieber Takes Shirtless Stroll In Cannes, Cannes Loses Its Mind [Video]

Justin Bieber takes a stroll on the Croisette in Cannes, France. And like some insane music video in which the crowd gets bigger and bigger, one boy-man and his visible Calvin Kleins created chaos.

Justin Bieber takes a shirtless stroll on the Croisette, and like some insane music video in which the crowd gets bigger and bigger, one boy-man and his Calvin Kleins created chaos in Cannes.

To those who think Bieber should do away with bodyguards and take his chances among civilians unprotected, this video will banish such foolish talk.

It’s compelling viewing. Horrible, but compelling.

Noting the irony that by watching it we’re partaking in the end-product consumerism of an industry that hunts the famous for money, not pressing play isn’t an option.

And that’s why paparazzi exist; we want what they obtain and sell.

The video opens with a view from a paparazzo lens. An Italian restaurant, where Bieber and his crew appear to be lunching. Seconds later, the 20-year-old begins a walk that is just like every other public walk he takes. A spectacle.

Dressed like a model on Spring Break, Bieber wears long, orange patterned shorts, pristine white Calvins, Vans shoes. And he is shirtless.

(Photo: Bieber causes chaos in Cannes with shirtless walk.)

Bieber is circled by pals and three, mostly ineffectual bodyguards who are under manners – and it shows. These days, they have to make do with repeats of “Give us some space!” and “Back up!” Everyone ignores them.

At all times, the paparazzi keeps pace. They call out moronic phrases to Bieber — “You the mans!” “You doing it kid, you’re doing it,” “Hey bro!” – as the group marches grimly forward.

At first, it’s just the paparazzi and a few onlookers following the illustrated Canadian. Then, at precisely 56 seconds into his 2:17 minute walk, it’s a near riot as news that “Justin Bieber is here” spreads like dominoes along the Croisette.

Young, old, male, female, whatever their political persuasion – it doesn’t matter. All have their smartphones out, and none can resist the sight of the ripped, bare-chested superstar in their midst.

Bieber’s bodyguards pull in tighter, postures set in fight or flight readiness.

(Photo: The shirtless one, under siege.)

The sound of screams and hysteria fills the air as a Stephen King-like unraveling begins.

Teenage girls reach out to grab Bieber as one might objects in a sale. Paper is shoved in his face. Bystanders, blocked by the singer’s crew shout out curses. An angry, old man shakes his fist just like a cartoon, angry old man.

Finally, a waiting cruiser offers air-conditioned, solace. Bieber, who smiled briefly during the walk – but mostly didn’t – looks relieved.

It must be strange being the inhabitant of a world where every day is a trip to crazytown.

Strange and maybe addictive too. The kid with countries full of detractors and fans pitched in opposition may just miss the madness when it fades, if only because it’s familiar.

(Photo: Justin and an unidentified girl get connect in Gotha nightclub Monday night.)

Currently doing the rounds on the Cannes Film Festival party circuit that has so far seen the singer shirtless at the Gotha nightclub at the end of each night with rappers, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross and – er – Wesley Snipes, Bieber’s South of France adventure continues.

And the world keeps watching. And snapping.

[Images via MailOnline/VantageNews.co.uk]

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