Mick Foley Rumors: Will He Join Forces With Jeff Jarrett And GFW Promotion?

Mick Foley, former WWE Champion and hardcore legend, has made the news recently over rumors that he wasn’t re-signing to extend his legends contract with the WWE. The veteran wrestler cited money as the main reason for not extending, but not everyone bought it when the news broke.

On Sunday, Foley sparked a whole bunch of speculation following a Facebook post. In the post he basically said that he would be announcing some big news on Tuesday. In other words he announced that he will be announcing…. something.

But it doesn’t take a genius to guess what that something might be, especially as there has already been lots of speculation that Mick Foley will be joining forces with Jeff Jarrett and the new Global Force Wrestling promotion which is due to launch this fall.

Foley posted on his Facebook page:

After giving the matter much thought, I have come to an important decision regarding my future. I know that not everyone will agree with, or support the decision, but I do hope the decision will be respected. I will make the announcement on Tuesday afternoon

The basis of the original speculation about Foley joining Jarrett and Co. on the new GFW project came from a guest appearance he gave on a Global Force Wrestling promotional video. It was already known that the two men were well acquainted as they worked together in TNA from 2008-2011.

So for now it is all still rumors, but most people reckon that Foley will be announcing that he has reached an agreement to work with GFW in order to help Jarrett get his pro wrestling promotion moving.

It remains to be seen whether or not Mick Foley will, in fact, put everyone out of their misery and just announce what everyone expects him to announce on Tuesday. We can only hope that the announcement he makes won’t just be notice of another announcement.

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