Want To Meet Pharrell Williams? Would You Settle For His Hat? You Can Have Both, But You’ve Got Three Days.

If you think you’re the ultimate Pharrell Williams fan, you’re no doubt a fan of his stylistic leanings. No doubt, then, you’d jump at the chance to receive personally selected gifts from the “Happy” singer, let alone one of his signature hats from the Grammys. Well, you’d better hurry up, because you’ve only got three more days to try for some solid Pharrell swag.

In order to benefit FromOneHandToAnOTHER, a charity providing educational resources for underserved youths, Pharrell is partnering with some unnamed friends to provide a range of unique offerings for auction on eBay. All of the auctions are ending at 4 pm Pacific, May 22, so get your PayPal account ready now.

Bidders have a shot at Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club Decade t-shirt and sweater with Swarovski crystals, a number of Murakami prints, and chances to hang out with a number of Williams’ artsy friends.

Among the most attractive items, though, would have to be the Nick Fouquet hat Pharrell wore at the 2014 Grammys. That’s not to be confused with the Vivienne Westwood headgear that stole the show, but it’s still a nice head-topper. The Westwood hat already went up for auction, but bidding on Pharrell’s lesser-known hat currently sits at just $2,370.

Pharrell’s contract for the lot stipulates that inappropriate behavior will result in the auction winner getting tossed. Don’t hug. Don’t ask about Chad. Don’t touch the face.

Williams is also auctioning off four limited edition Quarterly Co. Packages. Quarterly Co. is a subscription service offering curated packages delivered – surprise! – four times a year. The packages contain items specifically chosen by assorted artsy famous people, and Pharrell’s offerings are now up for bidding. If you’re willing to fork out at least $203, you can get Pharrell’s three existing packages, as well as his upcoming fourth.

What’s in the box?” you ask. Well, a letter from Pharrell, letterpressed lyrics of an unreleased song Williams wrote, Pharrell’s own copy of The Alchemist, and a picture taken and signed by Pharrell. And that’s just a third of what Williams has on offer in the first three boxes. The fourth box could have anything in it: a pony, the Portrait of Pharrell that ages while he stays looking the same, the whereabouts of Chad Hugo, Williams’ erstwhile partner from The Neptunes… anything!

In all, there are 26 items up for grabs in Pharrell’s lot, and they span a wide range from chic to gaudy. There are some supremely classy Mark McNairy limited edition saddle shoes currently going for $350, and on the other end of the spectrum is a pair of honey-gold Nike Lebron X kicks, just in case you want to make sure that everyone within a three-mile radius knows when you’re wearing your special shoes out and about.

Also on offer are two tickets to a taping of The Voice, where you can meet Pharrell and he will totally act interested as you show him the “Happy” video you and your co-workers made the day your supervisor was out sick. Just kidding, there’s probably some red tape clause prohibiting winners from playing any fan-made videos for Williams.

As far as other chances to meet Pharrell, there’s also the option to bid on two Premier Seating tickets to see Bruno Mars with Williams as a special guest. Lest you get any ideas, the bidding rules stipulate that “inappropriate behavior… could result in the immediate conclusion of the experience with no refund.” That’s just a legalese way of saying that you should think twice about live-streaming your attempt to hug Pharrell, no matter how much he seemed to be into hugs in recent videos.

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