Demi Lovato Debuts ‘Skyscraper,’ Talks Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato released a new single Tuesday, her first major endeavor since she finished rehab earlier this year.

In Skyscraper, a song that has already made its way to the top 10 of the digital download chart on iTunes, the 18-year-old former Disney star sings of overcoming heartbreak against all odds.

Earlier this morning during an interview on Ryan Secrests KISS FM radio show, Demi shared her experience recording the emotional ballad.

“I just sat there and I just cried my eyes out, I was almost doubled over with emotion, [it] was crazy,” revealed Lovato “My whole point in being honest about my journey is to help others. With my problems, I was able to see that if I’m able to share it with people, maybe it would help that one girl.”

In addition to discussing the new tune, Seacrest also asked
Lovato – who spent three months at an Illinois clinic last fall getting treatment for an eating disorder, cutting, and bi-polar disorder – if her former boyfriend Joe Jonas knew about her problems while they filmed Camp Rock.

“He was my best friend for years prior to that so he knew – when we shot the first movie together,” she explained and then admitted that the pair are no longer close. “Obviously I’m not super close with him any more just because a lot has happened, but I was very thankful to have the support of a lot of friends.”

Listen to Demi’s new Skyscraper track below:

via Daily Mail

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