Justin Bieber Defends Kanye West…Well, Kind Of

Nobody will accuse Kanye West of being the most-liked music star, with his number of public outbursts in the media which have given many individuals the right to label him as an egotistical fop.

However, it appears that ‘Ye has one fellow megastar buddy who happens to think he’s generally a “good guy.”

In XXL Magazine’s July/August 2011 issue, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber defended West, explaining that the rapper is human, and thus makes mistakes just like everyone else.

“I got to be in the studio with him and work with him and see how he works and talk to him — and talk to him as a friend, and not like someone [in] business,” said Bieber. “He’s not really an a**hole like everyone makes him out to be. I mean, he can, he can do bad things, but he’s really generally a good guy.”

Kayne as well has been supportive of the Biebs, congratulating the young star on his Grammy win, mentoring JB in the art of beat making, and even organizing an unlikely collaboration between himself, Bieber, and Wu-Tang Clan rapper Raekwon in a remix of Bieber’s song “Runaway Love.”

In case you haven’t heard the remix yet, you can check it out below:

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