Wallace And Gromit Cancelled? Actor Peter Sallis Unable To Continue Role

Reports are saying that we may see Wallace And Gromit cancelled before due to the failing health of actor Peter Sallis, who plays as the voice of Wallace.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the 2014 cancelled TV shows list includes fan favorites like Dracula and Revolution.

Wallace And Gromit is the long running TV and movie series that features the mis-adventures of Wallace and his mostly silent, if not expressive, dog Gromit. 93-year-old Sallis has played Wallace for three decades ever since the first student film was released in 1990, going on to spawn full featured film called The Curse of the Were-Rabbit that was launched into all nations.

Without Sallis voicing Wallace, creator Nick Parks is not sure what do with the series:

“It is a big question for us. We do have an understudy who has stepped up sometimes. Ben [Whitehead, a London-based actor] started doing stuff Peter didn’t want to do – video games with tons of phrases, or if we needed a voice for an exhibition, a ride at Blackpool, stuff like that. He is quite convincing. Some people have spotted it, but he is getting quite good now. Whether he will stand in [for feature films] I’m not sure.”

The original show only had a budget of 25 quid to give the voice actor, but it was the way that Sallis said the word “cheese” that landed him the role. The creator says that the design of Wallace was even modified to match the smile of Sallis:

“It was the way he said ‘cheese.’ Wallace didn’t have a wide mouth until Peter said ‘cheese’.”

Parks is currently working on a full feature length movie for Shaun The Sheep, which will release in 2015 and is based on a TV series of the same name.

Are you sad to hear that there will be “no more cheese” for Wallace And Gromit?

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