Reddit Asks 92-Year-Old War Veteran About His Life. His Responses Are Worth Reading

This afternoon, Reddit’s AMA was graced with the presence of Vic – a 92-year-old World War Two veteran who served as a pilot in the South Pacific. Today, he resides in Ohio and is known in his town as a very successful entrepreneur.

The 92-year-old vet had a lot of amazing life tips and stories he wanted to share, and what better place to share them than the popular AMA, where the likes of Barack Obama and Bill Gates have answered questions regarding their personal lives and work.

With the help of his grandson, redditor admiralkit, Vic was able to impart a couple of amazing life advice and stories to millions of Reddit users worldwide.

Redditor iCrackMyselfUp69 asked:

“You look quite young for being 92 years old. What’s your secret?”

The wise war veteran answered:

“Peanut butter. Just keep eating peanut butter. There’s good health in eating peanut butter.”

Additionally, his grandson commented that the veteran was a huge fan of “eating slowly.”

“Time spent eating doesn’t count against time spent living, so the slower you eat the longer you live.”

User bsbbtnh asked a very interesting question:

“What is his views on the wars fought today?”

Here was his insightful reply:

“Well, they’re gradually moving to drone warfare. Makes it a little simpler than having all of them people up in the air. Airpower is what won World War II, but it isn’t the same now. It’s a changing world. And with the instant replay, it’s all on CNN and HLN, it’s probably a less dangerous world but we learn whatever’s going on so quickly we can probably reduce conflicts among big powers, but could possibly increase the number of overall conflicts.”

User bloo_regard asked:

“How did you view the enemy during the war?”

The experienced war vet simply replied:

“They shoot at us, and we gotta shoot at you.”

Redditor TN17 asked:

“If you could relay one piece of advice for our generation, what would it be?”

Vic’s wise answer inspired the whole of Reddit:

“Learn as much as you can to be prepared for life, both in taking care of your own health and fitness and to be able to help somebody else.”

Check out the rest of the AMA here. The war veteran’s answers to the questions are really inspiring and insightful. The man has been through the Great Depression and the Second World War. He definitely has some things to say that can change your outlook in life.

[Image from Imgur via Reddit]

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