Zac Efron’s Real Neighbor Is Charlie Day From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

Zac Efron and Seth Rogen enjoyed a couple of weeks of dominating the movie charts with their mega hit ‘Neighbors.’ The film is centered around a strange “frat party meets real world” setting where Zac Efron is the president of a fraternity which moves into a residential neighborhood outside a college campus. Seth Rogen plays a husband and father struggling with living with a fraternity as his and his family’s neighbor.

Zac Efron is really embracing the success of the film, including the introduction of his real life neighbor, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” writer and star Charlie Day. Over the weekend, a very funny video featuring Zac Efron and Charlie Day was released on Instagram by Efron.

While Zac Efron may be chumming it up with his guy pal neighbor Charlie Day, he is also reportedly in some deep talks with Marvel Studios in Hollywood to act in an upcoming role for the comic book mega giant.

Zac Efron seems to be on a strange career path, as noted by the Washington Post blog. Efron broke onto the scene as the star of Disney’s “High School Musical” 1-3, followed by Zac Efron playing an eerily similar character in Footloose. A few years later, Zac Efron resurfaced in roles for completely average comedy movies such as “17 Again” and “Valentine’s Day.”

Even more, Zac Efron returns to the big screen a few years after the forgettable comedy phase to portray characters in more dramatic roles, a move for which he gained much respect, but little in the way of awards or peer recognition.

These days, Zac Efron is being labeled as the “frat bro” for his role in “Neighbors.” Perhaps the talks with Marvel will progress his life toward a career with respect and make Efron a more sought after household name in Hollywood.

Zac Efron has always been a popular figure on social media as he embraces it quite well. Twitter twits have a lot to say about Zac.

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