Bruno Mars, Brad Pitt Share Stage In New Orleans

Bruno Mars had the unlikeliest jamming buddy last Saturday when World War Z superstar Brad Pitt joined him on stage at the Make It Right Gala in New Orleans.

In the star-studded event, which sold plates up to $25,000, Bruno Mars strummed the guitar while Pitt was spotted in a black tux going crazy on the tambourines. 28-year-old Mars wore a patterned polo on stage as he performed his songs for A-list guests like Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Sofia Vergara.

Brad’s groovy tambourine performance went perfectly with Bruno Mars’ smooth sounds, according to Yahoo Celebrity.

Bruno Mars was one of the primary performers of the event, alongside Jim Gaffigan and Kings of Leon. Comedian Chris Rock hosted the event.

The Oceans 13 star founded Make It Right Foundation, which aims to build houses for people in need. The foundation was formed shortly after Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans in 2005. According to their official page, the foundation aims to build affordable “high-performance, well-designed homes.”

The actor said to the crowd during the opening of the gala:

“I love New Orleans. And I’m extremely proud of the Lower 9th Ward community.”

In other news, Bruno Mars is currently helping out his sisters gain the same limelight he has enjoyed these couple of years. Tapped to perform with his sisters Jaime, Tahiti, Presley and Tiara Hernandez, Mars is aiming to see his equally talented sisters gain fame and become recognized in the music industry.

Mars’ sisters are also models and have starred in a not-so-popular reality TV show, which began airing in 2013.

Hawaii-raised Bruno Mars is also described as the archipelago state’s most prized product. Despite Hawaii’s growing poverty problems, Mars’ roots in the Pacific state may have been the cause of a boost in the already-bustling tourism there.

Despite fame and fortune (he reportedly earned more than 30 million bucks last year), Bruno sees to it that his feet are still on the ground. Mars keeps a very active social media presence and constantly gives hearty shout-outs to fans on Twitter.

Bruno is no stranger to failure. Before his rise to fame four years ago, he had a couple of unsuccessful stints the years before his peak. This includes a failed gig with Motown Records in 2004; a deal which “went nowhere.” However, his shortcomings during his early career moments proved helpful in forming his unique musical talents that have made him famous today.

Bruno Mars isn’t going away anytime soon. If he could get Brad to become his backup tambourine player, then his musical charisma is still very much intact. Next stop: President Obama on the triangle!

[Image from Instagram via Yahoo]

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