Johnny Weir: Domestic Violence Episode Casts Pall Over Olympic Skater’s Recent Reconciliation With Husband

For Johhny Weir, champion figure skater and popular media personality, and his husband, Victor Voronov, love has truly been a battlefield.

Having just announced on May 6th, via Twitter, that they were reuniting following their recent divorce, Victor and Johnny apparently became involved in a physical altercation Saturday night, reports TMZ.

The “blowout fight” reportedly took place at the couple’s New Jersey home. Johnny Weir lashed out with his fingernails in a scratch attack that left wounds on his husband’s knee, hand and wrist. TMZ has posted some photos of Victor’s injuries, and while they might not appear life threatening, they do point to Johnny Weir’s nails being potentially as sharp as the blades on his skates.

Victor didn’t call the police directly after the fight, but reported what had happened between the couple today. Voronov also chose not to file for a restraining order against Weir.

What set Johnny Weir off was reportedly a series of derogatory text messages he found on Victor’s phone. While Victor claimed the texts were old, a result of past tumultuous times in their on-again-off-again relationship, they nonetheless are what prompted Johnny Weir to attack.

Things seemed to be going well for the flamboyant skater recently. Weir appeared opposite the lovely Tara Lipinski in an “outrageous hat” to help host NBC’s broadcast of the Kentucky Derby, providing fashion commentary and bubbly observations as only Johnny Weir can. After this successful appearance, along with his marriage coming back to life, Weir looked ready to spring into summer as if he was doing a triple toe loop followed by a mazurka.

Johnny and Victor
Happier Times – Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov have enjoyed highs, but suffered lows, throughout their approximately 2 years of marriage.

But as with other troubled relationships of both celebrities and normal folks, it’s often difficult to repair broken love, and so it seems with Johnny and Victor.

The Daily Mail reports that this current spat between Weir and Voronov is just the latest of many that lay in its wake.

Claiming Victor was both mentally and physically abusive, Weir filed for divorce back in February. A March 19th message followed with Johnny tweeting:

It is with great sadness that I announce that my husband and I are no longer together.”

Then, in a very candid interview dated March 21st with Access Hollywood, Johnny related other unhealthy exchanges with Victor, including a “biting incident,” being “controlled,” and constant one-upmanship within the couple’s household to “see who’s the Alpha” male.

And while Johnny does acknowledge in the interview that “domestic violence is never the answer,” he also says, “Some of (his) closest friends have seen him hit me before.”

Victor fired back at Weir at the time, saying Johnny engaged in adulterous behavior, even posting himself full-monty for other men on Grindr, according to Radar.

Again, episodes such as these have proven difficult to overcome for other couples, but hopefully these two can beat the odds, and it will be happily ever after for Victor Voronov and Johnny Weir.

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