Watch This Smooth Kid Get a Baseball — And A Girl

We’re going to go ahead and say that we weren’t nearly as slick as this smooth kid in our prepubescent days, but after watching this, you’ll see that very few of you were either.

Upon first glance, you’ll likely be impressed by two things:

1. The kid makes a pretty good catch

Granted, a toss from the third base coach is not really that hard to catch, but given the fact that this catch was made while the smooth kid was surrounded by tens of thousands of other fans, we’re going to go ahead and say that the kid made a good catch under pressure.

2. He gives up the ball to a nearby lady friend

Even if this smooth kid has not yet hit puberty, he obviously already has his eye on the ladies, as evidenced by him quickly turning around and awarding the ball to someone that may have caught his eye earlier in the game.

You could watch this GIF several times and be very impressed with the smooth kid’s skills with a glove and with the ladies, but we’re guessing that you didn’t catch the most impressive aspect of this video. We have to admit, we had to have it pointed out to us by Business Insider as well, but here it is:


Go ahead and watch the GIF a few more times and you will see what we are talking about. You’ll notice that the smooth kid catches the ball that the coach tosses to him with the glove that is on his left hand.

As the smooth kid turns around, his right hand never goes to his glove, but somehow he actually already has a ball in his right hand. It is with his right hand that our smooth kid delivers the ball to the surprised older girl who is sitting behind him.

Certainly she looks like she has no idea that this is a different ball and everybody else seems to think that the smooth kid just gave up his prized possession as a token of his love as well.

Does this make this smooth kid the smoothest kid you have ever seen? In one fell swoop, he catches a ball, makes a girl swoon, and keeps his new prized possession without anybody being the wiser.

Suffice it to say that there are probably a lot of people who will be coming to this smooth kid with request for dating advice in the near future.

Image via Business Insider

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