Godzilla Takes Over The Box Office

Godzilla may be the king of monsters, but after this weekend he will be the king of the box-office as well. Last week Neighbors was the king of the box office, which brought in $8.3 million dollars its opening day but was dethroned by Godzilla which has made $38.5 million on its opening day, which includes $9.3 million from Thursday showings and $6.2 million from IMAX. Overseas the film has made $43 million since Thursday. This makes Godzilla the biggest of any movie that has been released this year. Godzilla was not expected to have so much success, but it has definitely surpassed all expectations.

The only competition Godzilla had opening day was Disney’s Million Dollar Arm, starring Jon Hamm which took in $3.4 million dollars opening day. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has fallen second to Godzilla with $36.9 million its opening day and has racked up a total of $95 million by the end of April. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened its first day with $35.2 million and has a total of $91 million so far which brings it to third place. If Godzilla is as successful on its opening day, then it should definitely beat the overall amount of its competition.

However, its summer, which means it’s the season of hot movies. Like I said before the previous movies that Godzilla beat out only lasted number one in the box office for a week or two. Godzilla still has to go up against the highly anticipated X-Men Days of Future’s Past, which comes out next Friday, and then Disney’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie, which comes the week after. How successful Godzilla will be against such tough competition is unclear, but hopefully it will continue to beat out its competition with the overall amount of money the movie makes worldwide.

If you’re new to Godzilla and you’re into huge monster fights, then Godzilla is the movie for you. True Godzilla fans should definitely see this film as well, and they will not be disappointed. Gareth Edwards is the director of the new remake of Godzilla and he has definitely topped the previous remakes of Godzilla. The film is huge, loud, thrilling, and scary, which is how a Godzilla film should be. Other than Godzilla being the biggest star in the film, there is also Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Ken Watanabe. So If you want the full experience of Godzilla go see it in IMAX!

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