Justin Bieber Offered $1 Million As Poster Boy For Hustler Strip Clubs, Yay Or Nay?

Justin Bieber has been offered $1 million by infamous porn mogul Larry Flynt to front TV commercials for his Hustler strip clubs. We have no words. Well, alright here’s a few.

Justin Bieber may end up remembering May 2014 as the month his level of infamy officially became adult.

Yes, we know he turned 20, but he still looks like – and, according to recent accusations, to be fair many are disputed – acts like and is a kid.

Larry Flynt thinks differently.

The 71-year-old, paralyzed head of a porn empire encompassing — publications, videos, a Hustler Casino, a film studio and strip clubs — thinks Bieber would be a perfect ambassador to front television adverts for his Hustler clubs network.

As per the Dish Network via The Hollywood Gossip, Flynt’s camp have offered Bieber $1 million for the role because the brand is launching a campaign to stop “outsourcing visits to strip clubs and from now on buy only American.”

Flynt’s Hustler Club Director of Marketing, David Lieberman, reportedly wrote to Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, suggesting hosting the singer’s 21st birthday party next March.

The birthday offer also includes Justin’s father, Jeremy.

An extract from the letter reads:

“Justin will set a good and safe example to his remaining fans by advocating a legal and safe way to satisfy their sexual desires when they finally reach the legal age of 21.”

Selling the concept, Lieberman adds: “Just imagine the street cred Justin will receive when he escorts one of our Hustler Club Centerfolds to the next big championship fight,” a nod to Bieber’s liking for boxing, in particular pal and Welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather.

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New York Daily News Confidenti@l reports the TV advert proposes Bieber making out with a woman wearing a US-flag bikini and putting his face in her “38 Double D’s.”

He would then look up [giddily] and turn to the camera to say, “Keep it here in the good old U.S. of A,” then add, “Keep the lap dances a-coming when you turn 21.”

As Lieberman explained, “That’s not really an ad, it’s actually a public service announcement for Justin’s legions of fans who (are) about to enter adulthood.”

An advert would also be tailored for London with a female wearing a Union Jack bikini, with Justin potentially urging, “Keep it here in jolly old England.”

Of Jeremy’s inclusion in the offer, Lieberman writes:

“There is a time honored tradition in this great country of ours of fathers taking their sons to Strip Clubs when they reach 21 to learn what it means to truly be a man, and Justin can set a shining example in continuing that uniquely American rite of passage even though we know of course that Justin is Canadian.”

There’s also a note about Charlie Sheen being offered this hideous sounding gig if Bieber passes, Confidenti@l add.

It’s public knowledge, of course, that Justin has frequented strip joints in the past.

Just days before his ill-fated, Lamborghini jaunt in Miami Beach that ended in his arrest on suspicion of DUI, Bieber reportedly made it rain to the tune of $75, 000 in a Miami strip joint.

Rewinding through Bieb’s history, he visited a Houston, Texas, strip club last October. Then, he was snapped sneaking out of the Centaurus brothel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and dropped by a strip club in Sydney, Australia in November.

Those are the occasions we know of. From this, we gather looking at women who have an aversion to clothing is an interest of Bieber’s, as it is no doubt for millions of young — and older — red-blooded males.

So we’re asking, in light of news that Bieber’s perfume sales are falling off amid mounting legal bills and possible financial liabilities in civil lawsuits, should the embattled 20-year-old bite the porn-shaped bullet and accept Flynt”s pretty cheap $1 million offer?

We have our thoughts and all of them end with a screaming “No!” given that Bieber’s image has taken a battering over the last year and five months. Others may differ.

But what do you think readers? Justin Bieber as Hustler Strip Clubs’ new poster boy. Yay or nay?

Sound off below.

(Photo: Bieber in a still from “All That Matters” 2013 music video.)

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