Rumor Of Selena Gomez Miscarriage Is Just That: Rumor, Not Reality

The tabloids splattered the news in the headlines: Selena Gomez had been pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby in 2012, but miscarried just two months into the pregnancy. That was the explanation for her recent stint in rehab and her “downward spiral,” claimed In Touch Magazine. Only, it never happened.

A representative for Gomez tells Us Weekly that the rumors are “100 percent fictional.”

Though In Touch is a gossip rag known for fabricating news, even of pregnancies and miscarriages, that doesn’t stop the rumors it spawns from flying.

Gomez and Beiber have been on-again, off-again, and always in the spotlight. Supposedly, an “inside source” had confided to the magazine that Selena had gotten pregnant, but baby-daddy Justin wasn’t ready, and felt that her pregnancy would interfere with his (then) squeaky-clean image. Between the miscarriage and Beiber’s subsequent relief at the loss, instead of real support of her grief, Gomez sank into a depression culminating in her admission to rehab two years later.

Despite Selena’s rep coming out to put the rumors to rest, the Daily Mail does not seem to be entirely convinced, perceiving her attire yesterday in LA’s heat wave to be an indication of the star still being in mourning: “Selena Gomez still looked sombre as she stepped out wearing an all black outfit to grab lunch alone in Los Angeles on Thursday.” I think it’s a stretch.

The singer is rumored to have blocked Bieber’s phone number on her cell phone, and Hollywood Life says that she has cut off communication with him. After his bad-boy antics, and apparent attempts to fuel her jealousy by being seen and photographed with all kinds of other girls, this would probably be a smart move on her part, whether it has happened yet or not. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

The part about Selena going into a rehab program is true, but she didn’t check herself in because of a miscarriage. She only stayed for two weeks of the six week program she entered in February. Her rep reported that she went to “get herself together.” According to Us Weekly, “an insider added: ‘She has been working nonstop for six years. She needs to take some time for herself.'” Perhaps that bit of time away was enough to reset, and set her back on course.

It was not long after that the actress/singer decided to make some major changes to her career. She fired her mother and step-father as her managers. TMZ says that the 21-year-old Gomez believes that she has outgrown her parents as her managers, and is ready to put her career in the hands of a manager who handles other A-listers. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Selena has now signed on with WME and Brillstein, and reports that “the rep changes are a crucial piece of the Disney alum’s strategy, long in the works, to move on to more adult-oriented fare in film and music.”

So to recap: Selena Gomez – not pregnant, no miscarriage, new direction, new managers. Let’s hope the new direction is a good one for Selena Gomez. She certainly has a lot of fans who love her.

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