Kelly Price Misses The ‘Glory Days Of R&B’

Kelly Price longs for the what she calls the “glory days of R&B.”

The singer is busy spreading the news about her latest studio album Sing Pray Love, Vol 1: Sing, a batch of songs that The Grio reports takes a few cues from the Julia Roberts flick Eat Pray Love.

“It’s about a woman coming into the greatest season of her life and determining to live while she’s alive. These songs are celebratory and quite decisive and some of the most powerful songs I’ve ever written and performed,” Kelly recently explained.

Although Price is still out there doing her thing in the world of music, she admits the business has changed since she collaborated on the Notorious B.I.G. tune “Mo Money Mo Problems” back in the late 90s. In her opinion, hip-hop and R&B are no longer working in unison.

“I actually miss those days… Back then, we would all just come together, it was all about the music and how many times we could see our names on the Billboard charts. We broke a lot of records… there were three and four times where I got to see my name in line in the same Top 10 charts,” Kelly Price told BET.

She added, “I really embrace and love and miss what I call the ‘glory days of R&B.’ To me R&B and hip hop were one… Literally you could take the same song that a guy or girl sang on and give it to a hip hop artist and they could literally, they could co-exist in the same space and never miss a beat.”

Since Kelly Price is busy with her music career at the moment, she decided not to return for another season of the TV series R&B Divas: L.A.. The singer added that her experiences on the show — which reportedly weren’t very positive — also prompted her to bid farewell to the world of reality television.

Price recently dished to The Boom Box:

“You get to a point in life and you think about everything you’ve done, how you’ve played by the rules, how there are things that you wanted to do and you felt like, ‘No, maybe I couldn’t,’ and you just decide you’re ready to live while you’re alive and not have a bunch of ‘shoulda coulda wouda’s’ and so Sing Pray Love’ comes from that.”

Kelly Price will officially drop Sing Pray Love, Vol 1: Sing on June 3. Are you planning to pick up the singer’s new studio album?

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