Ariana Grande Shares Unreleased Song ‘Boyfriend Material’ With Fans

Ariana Grande is finally ready to share her tune “Boyfriend Material” with the masses.

The song was reportedly recorded for her debut album Yours Truly, though it didn’t make the final cut. Years after the tune was originally completed, Grande decided to share the track with her legion of extremely loyal supporters.

Why is Ariana Grande coughing up “Boyfriend Material” after all this time? According to, the singer wanted to thank her fans for making “Problem” a huge success. As of this writing, the song is sitting pretty at number two on the iTunes songs chart. In other words, Grande’s supporters helped her collaboration with Iggy Azalea become a certified hit.

The singer told her fans:

“i know how much y’all love this song and how disappointed you were when it didn’t make it on to my first album so i knew i had to get it to you somehow someday. this song means a lot to me and holds such a special place in my heart as it was one of the first songs i did when i started working on ‘yours truly’ when i was like 17. don’t worry… you’ll get more of these oldies too as time goes on! I’m working on it for you. love you all so much. you are everything. love you.”

Billboard points out that K-pop fans who are familiar with the musical stylings of the girl group f(x) might think Ariana Grande’s “Boyfriend Material” sounds vaguely familiar. The website theorizes that the track may have ended up in the South Korean group’s hands after Grande decided she didn’t want it on her debut record.

Here’s what the publication had to say about the similarities:

“Specifically, it’s an English version of the song ‘No More,’ recorded by girl group f(x) for their ‘Pink Tape’ album released last summer. Presumably, f(x) snatched the track after Grande passed… Ariana’s rendition details her excitement about finally finding a guy who fits what she’s looking for a mate. Meanwhile, f(x)’s version tells off a boy-obsessed gal pal who’s ready to drop a friend when a new boy comes into the picture.”

Check out f(x)’s “Pink Tape” below.

Regardless of the similarities, Ariana Grande fans are just happy to finally hear a good studio version of “Boyfriend Material.” This should keep everyone busy until the singer releases the next single from her upcoming album. Are you looking forward the Sam & Cat star’s new record?

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