Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: dumped the adopted kid

Remember Connor Cruise? He is the less photographed and less talked about, adopted kid of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. He was adopted before adopting was de riguer amongst celebs.

Well it seems if you have the biological kids, the adopted kids get pushed to the side. Connor Cruise debuted in the movie Seven Pounds, as a young Will Smith. This week saw the LA premiere of Seven Pounds which WIll Smith and Connor Cruise both appeared at. Tom and Nicole didn’t even bother to show up.

No “I am so proud” no smiling photos supporting their son (even if he is adopted). Now that Sunday Rose and Suri are here it seems to all about the biological. The positive focus that Tom seems to get with Suri, and Nicole gets with Sunday Rose means that it will be unpopular to call these two bad parents. But I’ll say it. Not bothering to tun up to your child’s movie premiere is poor form and clearly shows favoritism amongst your children.

Tom claimed he was too busy promoting his current movie, Nicole Kidman didn’t even bother providing an excuse.

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