Drew Barrymore On Why She Named Daughter Frankie And Not ‘Martini’ [Video]

Drew Barrymore knows her newborn daughter’s name is a little odd. It was announced that Barrymore named her second daughter Frankie, and the name wasn’t met with total agreement in the media. Now, Drew is explaining why she named her daughter Frankie and oddly enough it has to do with the names Pepper and Martini.

Barrymore, along with co-star and friend Adam Sandler, attended The Ellen DeGeneres show to promote their upcoming romantic comedy Blended. While promoting the film, conversation of course turned to Barrymore’s daughter, Frankie, given how Drew had given birth just three weeks ago.

Television host Ellen DeGeneres was surprised that Drew had found time to make it to the show, but Barrymore seemed to be peaceful and take her role as a mother to two girls in stride:

“It feels like a miracle and it’s so awesome. I feel so good and happy. My kid is healthy and I have nothing to complain about. I’m so blessed.”

When DeGeneres asked what seemed to be on everyone’s mind, Barrymore admitted that she did struggle with naming her second daughter because she and husband Will Kopelman wanted the name to be in harmony with her first daughter Olive.

“It’s hard because we loved the name olive, and we thought, what name goes with Olive?”

When DeGeneres quipped, “martini?” Drew didn’t miss a beat at all by saying, “I know! Everything started sounding like a color or a food. I liked the name Pepper, but then we said, ‘Oliver and Pepper? That’s two things you find in a pantry.”

The pair seemed to land on the name Frankie by chance, or at least that’s how Barrymore explained it.

“It was just a name that came to my husband and I a few months before, and I thought, ‘I think this is it.’ And then we just gave ourselves the room to change our mind but we never did. That’s the most interesting story.”

The second is that the name has a connection to Drew’s mother-in-law.

“My mother in law’s maiden name is Franco and I love her so much, so it reminds me of her as well.”

As for her daughter Olive, 2, Barrymore says that she’s settling into her role as big sister quite well despite her young age.

“I know Ellen always gives me guff for thinking that Olive is really ahead of her game, but she really does get that she has a sister. She says, ‘Frankie — sister!’ She’s not about it at all. It’s all positive at this moment.”

Barrymore and Sandler’s film Blended hits theaters on May 23.

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