‘Monochroma’ Officially Hits Steam May 28

Monochroma, the long-awaited puzzle platformer from Turkish indie-developer Nowhere Studios finally has an official release date. Monochroma will hit Steam on May 28 after a couple of delays. The game was originally slated for an April release but the studio had to push Monochroma back another month. Finally gamers will be able to play through an immersive land set mostly in black, white, and shades of grey. Monochroma also adds a couple of splashes of red in order to offset the otherwise dark and foreboding landscape. This isn’t an action adventure game — the title features only running, swinging, and jumping. However, the lack of combat hasn’t cut down on the praise for Monochroma.

In Monochroma, players must lead a brother through a dystopian world in order to stop a fiendish plot that has to do with the country’s leaders plans for his lands’ children. Early on in the game the main character and his brother are playing, when the little brother injures himself and must be carried.

Monochroma sets many puzzles in front of the nameless boys and some are set up so that the players can manipulate the puzzles while carrying the little brother, while other times he must be set down. Figuring out exactly when and where you are allowed to set down your brother is part of the puzzles the developers have built. Monochroma is spread out over four different chapters that include vast ghettos, farmland, and sprawling underground sewers. Monochroma is set in an alternate 1950’s universe that combines some newer technology along with items and areas you would expect to see in a world set 60 years ago. Monochroma is set as a personal story the developers from Nowhere Studios wish to tell. The company has said the idea for Monochroma came from the lead developer’s childhood memories of growing up in the countryside and then moving to urban Istanbul.

The villains encountered in Monochroma were inspired in part by “Gezi Protests” of 2013 that are characterized as the most violently oppressed protest in modern Turkish history. Because there are no spoken words, only soft background music and the sounds of the children as they run through the game, Monochroma is set up to appeal to players in all kinds of different regions. Because no country is specifically named, the game could be taking place wherever Monochroma fans wish to believe it takes place. Monochroma will finally and officially hit Steam for Mac, PC and Linux on May 28

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