Catelynn Lowell: ‘Teen Mom’ Expecting Second Baby

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were first introduced to MTV’s 16 and pregnant viewers back in 2009 when Catelynn learned she pregnant at the age of just 16. The show illustrated the trials and tribulations that young couples endured after finding out the often unexpected news that they were pregnant.

Following the birth of their baby daughter, Catelynn and Tyler found themselves in a situation where they had to make some very tough decisions. They knew they didn’t want to raise their child in the type of “home” they had grown up in.

Tyler’s father had been in and out of prison and Catelynn’s mother was a drug addict and alcoholic. Obviously, that kind of upbringing made it even harder for the couple to deal with the complications of being pregnant at 16.

At the time, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra found themselves in such a desperate and hopeless situation that they made the difficult decision to put their baby daughter, Carly, up for adoption.

Less than five years have passed since then, and again the young couple found themselves confronted with another pregnancy. They seemed to want to keep the news under wraps as they didn’t say a word about it to the public.

It transpired that Catelynn’s mom, April Stotts and her brother, River Alexander Lowell, let the cat out the bag via social media, telling all and sundry that a second child was on the way. April’s Facebook page announced proudly: “Gonna be a grandma again,” with a follow up post from brother River on his page confirming “Catelynn is pregnant.”

Perhaps this time round, as Catelynn and Tyler are a good five years older and hopefully wiser, they will not need to give this child up for adoption. Although, who knows the psychological effect of that decision five years to give baby Carly for adoption may have had on them.

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