Zayn Malik’s Sister Defends Her Brother On Twitter

Zayn Malik received a little backup from his sister after the One Direction singer came under fire from a troublemaking troll on Twitter.

If you’re going to mess with Malik, then you’d better prepare to lock horns with his members of his family. When a nameless individual on Twitter decided to comment on Zayn’s alleged rudeness, the singer’s sister took a second to fight back. In short: She’s not going to let people spread nasty rumors or say ugly things about her sibling.

According to Now Daily, someone looking to stir up a little Zayn Malik-oriented trouble created an account under the name “Zayn’s Up His A**.” The troublemaker kicked things off by making a rude comment on a tweet Malik issued way back in 2012. However, the remark didn’t go unnoticed by the guy’s sister.

Here’s what she had to say to the Twitter troll:

Unreality TV explains that Zayn Malik’s sis didn’t stop there. Instead of simply taking up for her famous brother, she decided to make an example out of the troublemaker. Unless this person is just a glutton for punishment, chances are they learned their lesson the hard way. Then again, it’s hard to tell what’s going on inside the minds of folks who act like morons on social media.

“Saying horrible stuff to him? Get a life seriously you pathetic piece of s***!” Malik’s sister tweeted.

The One Direction singer also received some assistance from his legion of loyal fans. If this person was hoping to shed some light on Zayn Malik’s rudeness, then they failed miserably in their endeavor. Check out some Twitter reactions to the recent post below.

Let this situation serve as a lesson to anyone who wants to pick on Zayn Malik or any member of One Direction. Unless you’re ready for a virtual torrent of negative replies headed directly towards your account, you might want to think twice before starting trouble.

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