Taylor Swift Should Date Orlando Bloom, Says Ed Sheeran

Since Taylor Swift doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment, fellow singer and BFF Ed Sheeran has a few ideas about who she should date.

The country music darling definitely has a little trouble in the romance department these days. Her relationships always seem to crash and burn, though she ultimately ends up with a plethora of material for her music as a result. Since Taylor is having a little trouble picking a proper beau, Ed decided to share his thoughts on the matter.

During his recent chat with the folks at Us Weekly, Sheeran discussed who Taylor Swift should date next. Here’s a hint: The guy spent quite a bit of time sticking arrows in orcs in the wilds of Middle-earth.

“Orlando Bloom,” the “I See Fire” singer declared. The website reports that the 37-year-old actor recently spent some time with Taylor Swift’s buddy Selena Gomez in Los Angeles. There’s one thing the pair have in common.

Considering Ed introduced Courteney Cox to Johnny McDaid — the couple are reportedly on their way to wonderfully wacky world of wedded bliss — Swift should probably take her best friend’s advice. After all, she hasn’t had much luck following her own heart in recent years.

Unfortunately for Taylor’s potential boyfriend, he may have to jump through a series of hoops before they can officially start dating. The Inquisitr previously reported that Swift is definitely a little picky when it comes to finding a suitable partner.

“She’s made a really detailed list of what she wants. She’s all about finding a new boyfriend but she doesn’t want just any guy, she wants the perfect guy. She’s made a really detailed list of what she wants and it’s so intense, there aren’t many guys out there that can live up to it,” one of those anonymous sources told Perez Hilton.

The insider continued, “She wants someone on her level when it comes to their career, plus, they have to be hot — like leading man hot. And she would love a guy that can speak at least two languages.”

Unfortunately for Taylor Swift, she’s developed a nasty reputation among would-be suitors. Other sources claim that guys aren’t lining up at her door out of fear that they’ll end in a song on one of her future albums. Since Donnie Darko star Jake Gyllenhaal served as inspiration for Red, it’s understandable that some people might want to avoid that situation altogether.

Do you think Taylor Swift and Orlando Bloom would make a cute couple?

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