Man Finds Underground Cold War Bunker, You Have To See What’s Inside!

Ever wondered what an abandoned Cold War bunker looks like? Well, thanks to one Reddit user who stumbled across one in the corner of a military base, we no longer have to wonder.

Check out the photos and captions posted below of the experience that were posted on Imgur.

Do you think you would of been brave enough to venture down into the abandoned bunker?

This is what we found when we opened up the shack. A ladder?
When we got down the ladder, we were standing on a small platform
That lead to a staircase.
That went down.
Quite a ways.
At the bottom we found one hell of a door.
That opened up pretty easily. Inside, we could see a metal shack of some kind.
Looking back out of the door.
You had to cross a little bridge to get on to the main platform.
Because the whole thing is suspended from big ass shock isolators.
Better shot of the shock isolator.
This seems to be the whole reason this thing was built. Some kind of old communications equipment.
Behind the shack was a diesel tank.
And, a ladder.
Seems safe.
Now we are down.
The underside had a bunch of old air handling equipment.
Connected to the outside by flexible ducts.
Some of the stuff was in bad shape.
The bottom of this place had stared to fill with water. I thought about grabbing the flashlight, but figured there were probably a bunch of CHUD waiting to grab me under there.
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