Hunter Hayes Sets A New Guinness World Record

When Hunter Hayes says he’s going to break a world record, you’d better believe he’s going to give it everything he’s got.

Apparently, all of that hard work has paid off for the country music star. In the span of 24 hours, Hunter Hayes played a total of 10 shows. This surpassed the eight gigs played by the Flaming Lips over the course of a single day back in 2012.

According to, the singer came up with the idea for this exhausting mission after opening for the Flaming Lips during their own attempt at breaking the world record. Hunter was fascinated by the whole process, which ultimately planted the proverbial seed for his recent string of shows.

Hayes told the outlet:

“I definitely spent the entire trip home thinking about how we could maybe try it and attempt it and maybe even get a couple more shows in there. I remember looking on the map and texted my manager and said, ‘I think we could do maybe nine if not even 10.’ I thought it was nuts and apparently so did they but not nuts enough to not do it. We all decided it was a good idea and we’ve wanted to try it since.”

Hunter Hayes began his quest for a Guinness World Record with an early performance on Good Morning America. Once he finished, the country star headed to Boston, Worcester, Providence, New London, New Haven, Stamford, South Orange, Asbury Park, and Philadelphia.

Of course, Hayes couldn’t just perform one song for a couple of folks on a random street corner in the middle of nowhere. To qualify for the Guinness World Record, Hunter had to follow a few rules.

Rolling Stone explains:

“More than half the cities had to have a population greater than 100,000 people; each city needed to be at least 31 miles apart; speeding tickets and law-breaking were prohibited; venues have to hold at least 300 people, and tickets have to be made available to the general public; and the artist has to play for 15 minutes, not including banter, each time out.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Hunter Hayes took special care of his voice during his grueling 24-hour tour. In order to ensure that his vocal chords would remain in tip-top shape, the country singer took a few precautions.

“No coffee. That would be the worst thing, you get even more tired because of it. My goal is to not to talk in between the shows because talking is actually much harder on my voice then singing, apparently. I’m learning slowly, but surely. I’ll learn all the lessons by the end of it,” he told MTV News.

What do you think about Hunter Hayes setting a new Guinness World Record?

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