Leonardo DiCaprio’s Workload Is Burning Him Out

Leonardo DiCaprio has no plans to slow his Hollywood roll at the moment. Now friends are a little concerned that the busy actor is beginning to burn himself out.

The Wolf of Wall Street star has cranked out one movie after another over the past four years. DiCaprio released at least one motion picture a year beginning with 2010’s Shutter Island, much to the utter delight of his countless fans. However, some people think Leonardo’s workload is starting to affect his health.

According to Bang Showbiz, DiCaprio’s friends are reportedly wondering how much longer he can continue tackling one project after another without losing his mind. Instead of taking a moment to catch his breath, the actor begins work on director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s drama The Revenant this November.

“He’s pretty burned out at the moment and suffering from insomnia from pushing himself so hard. Everybody is begging Leo to slow down but he’s just very focused on making a lot of money right now — to the exclusion of almost everything else,” an anonymous source recently told Radar Online.

The insider added, “He and his manager Rick Yorn have made the conscious decision for him to work a lot more because of the high fees that he’s commanding right now. Leo is longing for the laid back days when he could make one movie a year but he’s determined to strike while the iron is hot.”

Although some actors can work on tons of movies at one time without too many problems, Leonardo DiCaprio’s level of commitment to a role definitely makes his workload a bit more stressful. Instead of simply showing up and spitting out a few lines, the acclaimed actor thoroughly invests himself in the character he’s bringing to life.

During his chat with the Daily Mail earlier this year, DiCaprio explained how over-the-top he went in his portrayal of Wolf Street tycoon Jordan Belfort. In short: The actor was willing to do whatever it took to make the film feel as authentic as humanly possible.

“The truth is, I really did everything. It was all me. There were no doubles. Hey, man, I’m playing a modern-day Roman emperor and I’m going to play the hell out of this guy, and anything goes. You detach any sense of who you are from the whole process, and just get an excuse to do anything — and so I did!” Leonardo told the publication.

He added, “Trust me, there were times when I had to stop and think, ‘What am I about to do in this sequence!’ But then I’d tell myself that I’m playing a character. I’m not going to put my own personal vanity into that process. I did — and showed — whatever I had to.”

Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio needs to take a step back and relax?

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