Carrie Underwood Divorce: Rumors Say Tension Rising Between Singer And Husband Mike Fisher

Carrie Underwood is reportedly going through some divorce drama with her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, over the couple’s disagreement about when to have kids.

Underwood has seen her career take a meteoric rise in the past few years as she’s expanded beyond singing and starred in the television movie version of The Sound of Music. But Fisher is reportedly ready to start having kids, and Carrie’s career is getting in the way.

Sources say the drama could have the couple headed to divorce.

“They’ve been locked in a baby battle and it was putting serious strain on their marriage,” an insider told OK! magazine. “Carrie made a pact with Mike last year that if he let her pursue her acting dreams, she’d get pregnant in 2014. At the end of 2013, he gave her an ultimatum…[But Carrie only] gives vague answers, like, ‘You’ll just have to wait and see.’ ”

The couple has admitted issues in the past. At a faith-based conference this week, Carrie Underwood even joked about their lack of compatibility.

“‘Well, I’m an animal lover and he’s a hunter,” she said to laughs.

Carrie Underwood has faced divorce rumors before as well. After The Sound of Music Live! aired last year, sources said the packed schedule kept the couple apart for extended periods.

“Between his schedule with the Nashville Predators and her rehearsals, they barely saw each other the last three months,” a friend of Carrie’s revealed to Star magazine.”When they did steal some alone time, Carrie was wiped out physically and emotionally. The ordeal left Mike feeling neglected and ignored.”

But Carrie Underwood hasn’t addressed the divorce rumors, and in fact said she has faith in her marriage with Mike Fisher.

[Carrie Underwood photo via NBC]