Justin Bieber Fan Almost Steals ‘On The Lips’ Kiss, Then He Tells Her… [Video]

A Justin Bieber fan almost managed to kiss the heartthrob with a full-on smacker on the lips. It looked like she succeeded to us. Naturally, her life is complete. But, what did the Canadian say back to her?

Justin Bieber’s life is an eventful one.

If he ‘s not being kissed by fans, he’s being dissed by comic-actors, musicians or basketball fans. And if he’s not getting into trouble, he is likely landing in an oriental shrine muddle.

But this story is cute.

After spending the day his mother, Pattie Mallette, and some of his team celebrate Mother’s Day watching the Los Angeles Clippers beat off the Oklahoma City Thunders Sunday at the Staples Center, the 20-year-old returned to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Awaiting Bieber were a group of mostly female fans, all of whom wanted a hug or kiss on the cheek — or something more?

And, one of them managed it.

A Belieber – a pretty, young brunette identified as @xo__kimberlyyy on Twitter — surprised Justin when she offered her cheek for a kiss at the impromptu ‘Meet & Greet,’ then quickly turned her head at the last minute.

For a few seconds, Justin and Kimberly do that excruciating face-fumble that most kids end up doing on prom night, or if you’re a 40-year-old virgin — any night.

The upshot was Justin accidentally brush-kissed Kimberley on her lips — just as she intended — and Belieber history was made.

Justin’s response, “You almost kissed me on the lips baby,” was sounded incredulous in the video [seen below.]

Then he moved off.

Bieber posted a snap of the kiss-slip to Instagram and Twitter on Sunday night, adding a little note to his millions of followers.

“She told me to give her a kiss on the cheek and she turned lol,” he wrote alongside the snap with the hashtag “#cheeky.”

(Photo: Instagram.)

For her part, Kimberly has since been inundated with congratulations from Beliebers and seems delighted with Bieber’s namecheck.

Later that same evening, Bieber took his mother to dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel and took time to stop for fans outside.

He did so wearing what can only described as the most fantastic pair of floral shorts we’ve ever seen. Flowery, wide-legged, silky — what’s not to love?

And after one fan’s slightly-longer-than-usual peck, Justin referenced his earlier almost-kiss, quipping:

“Oh, you’re going to try to kiss me on the lips like the last girl did.”

Meanwhile, at least Justin had a more welcoming greeting from fans than he did watching the basketball.

E! News reports Bieber was booed by the entire crowd at the Staples Center during the LA Clippers-OKC game when his face was shown on the scoreboard, despite sitting next to his mom.

So, maybe that’s why Justin took the fan’s near-miss lip kiss in such good form?

(Photo: Bieber’s amazing flower pants. Do you think they’ll catch on?)

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