Justin Bieber Joins Vine Later Than Everyone Else, Immediately Owns It

Justin Bieber posted his first Vine on Monday and didn’t stop until Tuesday. It seems the Twitter-owned mobile app is perfect for rocking out to Alanis Morisette, Jerry Lee Lewis, and waxing lyrical about paparazzi. And judging by internet chatter, fans who can’t get enough of the shirtless one are loving the six second loops.

Justin Bieber posted his first Vine video on Monday night, a homage to Jerry Lee Lewis.

Introducing his arrival on the social network, Bieber posted a clip of himself singing Lewis’ “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” (1957.)

The 20-year-old captioned it:

“If u don’t know Jerry Lee Lewis u are burn.gov.”

Justin included a visual link, which showed him playing the piano while faux-singing in what may have been a Four Seasons Beverly Hills hotel room in Los Angeles, which is where he is currently staying.

With Vine, Bieber extends his social media reach.

Presently, it includes over 51 million Twitter followers, 16 million plus on Instagram, north of 54 million Facebook users, and nearly two million on Viddy. The star also has SoundCloud, iTunes and his (invested in) Shots of Me accounts.

While some of the above are just for promoting music, from his Vine clips last night it looks as if Justin may use the video platform mostly for funny, humorous clips.

And the singer’s social media blitz was only just getting started. Using all of his accounts — except Facebook — the Biebs uploaded pictures, images, videos and messages for hours on Monday night.

After posting an Adidas NEO shot, Justin updated his fans with a snap of himself and a little girl.

The shot was taken at Los Angeles Clippers game against Oklahoma City Thunder, during which the Canadian star was booed on Mother’s Day.

Biebs captioned the moment with the child, “She was a cutie:)”

Then, altogether more surprising posts.

The maverick singer uploaded two pictures of himself riding a thoroughbred white stallion. In one, Bieber was clearly seen shirtless. The other was a close-up of his tattoos.

The caption read “pure breed stallion,” alongside an image link and hashtag #selfie.

Mail Online reports Justin’s caption was initially misspelled and read “pure bread stallion.”

(Photo: Bieber, riding a stallion shirtless in the Hollywood Hills, Monday, May 12.)

(Photo: A Fedora wearing Bieber.)

In a later posting from his Hollywood Hills horseback outing, Bieber quipped:

“Is that young Indiana Jones. #skintightpants #igottachill,” alongside an Instagram picture of himself wearing said skin tight jeans, a long, white jersey and a Fedora.

Skipping one post, Bieber’s next vine is a visual insight into the packs of paparazzi that follow him everyday.

During the clip, Justin says in a mock-dramatic voice, “Leave me alone,” He added, “Stop following me.”

In a second similar vine, Bieber made the point that “paparazzi” were stalkers with cameras.

A lighter clip followed.

It was captioned “Always compliment a lady” and showed Bieber hanging out over a high balcony.

In it, he called out to five women below, “Hey ladies, the top of your heads look nice.”

Bieber encored those high-jinks with an Instavid featuring a clown at Venice Beach.

Photogenic “bad-boy” followed, in a photo Bieber titled “Up to no good” which he posted to Shots.

Head-banging to Alanis Morisette’s epic “Ironic” was up next, which Justin did sitting beside childhood pal Ryan Butler who — as ever — played straightman.

A blue-filter, Instavid of Justin insisting he was the best “mini-putter in the whole world” and another horseback shot, brings us to Bieber’s last post.

The singer announces he is partnering with West Coast Customs, an exotic vehicle outlet specializing in building custom features into.

The operation is run by Ryan Friedlinghaus and has as long-running series on FOX Sports 2.

Now, Bieber is involved. Given his love of high-performance rides, it’s no surprise.

A black and white shot of Friedlinghaus and Bieber capped the singer’s social media surge which began with a Vine.

Random, sometimes funny, sometimes not, with a mix of play and work.

In short, it was totally Bieber.

(Photo:caption, “It’s official me and @selfmaderyan are partners! #WestCoastCustoms.”)

Note: As of press time, Bieber racked up 514.6 k followers in under three days.)

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